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After reading this blog post, I just wanted to share some points that really hit home for me:

1. Alone, I appear threatening. If I’m in a group of others who look like me, that is a cause for some kind of suspicion or even panic.

5. When I go shopping, I can be sure I will arouse suspicion and be followed around.

6. I will be sure that when I turn on the TV, I will most likely see others who look like me as ball players, criminals, clowns or overall failures of society.

7. When I turn to the local news on tv or in a newspaper, I can be sure most of the crime reported will have faces of suspects who look like me.

9. I know that most of the history taught is of history of mainly white people.

13. I can be sure that whites will not listen to me when it comes to race and racism, and anytime I bring up the subject, it will likely meet with denial or opposition.

17. When children of my race are missing, I know the media will likely not pay too much, if any, attention to them.

18. I know during my lifetime, I will be taught that my race is inferior in some way, shape or form.

21. I know that the dropout rate for male children of my race is the highest among other races.

22. The way I look contributes to the way I should talk in order to be considered black. (Although I don’t care about this, people, even in my family, consider me ‘gringo’ and that I’m not Latino enough).

23. I know that making good grades and good manners are signs that I’m “acting white.”

27. I know that growing up, I will likely see poverty, drugs, violence and/or murder at least once.

30. I have a good chance of growing up in a single parent home.

31. I have at least one family member or relative who is either in prison or has been in prison, or I’ve known someone who is black that is or has been to prison.

35. I can be sure that I will be pulled over by police because of my race. (Which has happened. Because I have the privilege to go to different schools, our schedules are different and cops often think I’m cutting school.)

36. I can be sure that I will either be harassed, abused or even killed by police because of my race. (see comment above)

39. As a male I must marry within my race or be considered a sellout by my own people or someone going after “their” women by other races.

41. I know a new television series will have main characters that will not look like me.

42. I know that negative stereotypes about my people will continue despite a high number of those who do not fit those stereotypes. In other words I will be judged by the actions of a few.

44. I know that I will be a scapegoat for almost anything and everything wrong with this society. (just look at Arizona and the rhetoric there…)

45. I know that there will be movies featuring white people saving my people. (CURIOUS GEORGE! ‘White guy’ goes to Africa and saves ‘monkey’ from hir dysfunctional family…teaches the ‘monkey’ manners and how to behave. The ‘monkey’ goes back to Africa and disowns his family.)
49. I have to live with the fact that my true culture, language, history are stripped away, and the proof I have to live with is in my name. (My mom made a conscious decision about this. But I’m know by everyone else as Esteban. And my mom wants to change my last name legally to Sxxxxx-Cxxxxxxx after I graduate high school, it’s weird though a lot of my legal documents have both names).

51. As a female person of color the shade of my skin defines beauty. If my skin is dark or hair is nappy, then there’s a chance that I will be considered ugly by my peers. (I’m sometimes considered ugly because I have wavy/curly hair, which anyone with wavy/curly hair knows is hard to ‘manage’.)

53. As a child I can be sure that the newest cartoon series will not feature characters that look like me. If they do, they will likely be some form of negative stereotype.

59. I am assumed that any position I’m in is because of affirmative action and not on my own merits. (don’t even get me started…)

60. I have to live with the fact that I am not considered a “regular” person, or simply a person, that I am considered a black person. (Even though I’m mixed, because of the US’ ‘one drop rule’ I’m seen as black. And people like to play the ‘race-game’ instead of just asking…)

62. As a homosexual I am loathed by society more so than my white counterparts.

64. I know negative images about people who look like me are seen around the world.


The debate between Capitalism and Socialism seems to always antagonize socialism. Where is this fear of socialism coming from?

To begin with, Barack Obama is pretty far from ‘liberal’. He isn’t too far from John McCain on a political compass. Haven’t they noticed that the ‘left’ isn’t very happy that Barack Obama compromises with the ‘right’? There are a list of other rumors and claims that just are not logical or sensible.

‘Redistribution of wealth’ is being used as a weapon and twisted into a more criminal act of ‘theft’. Wayne Root has a small hole in this argument. It’s not like he isn’t getting a benefit from everyone contributing some of their wealth for the greater good of society. His argument doesn’t coincide with the method in which socialism works. Wayne makes the argument that the ‘stolen’ money is given to people who ‘didn’t earn it’ in a socialist society, but has he thought of people in the capitalist society who work, probably, ten to thirteen more hours than him and they still can’t afford housing or healthcare.

(I just have to say Wayne’s comment of ‘you did your homework’ to the reporter is patronizing, just saying).

I’m curious whether or not Wayne can define a ‘communist, socialist, or marxist’ without using rhetoric that simply attacks the system instead of providing a definition. I don’t think his classmates hated ‘people who make money’, I think they hate the way in which people abuse their privilege of being wealthy (ie ignore the people who aren’t as lucky as the people in their class) and where they are allocating their money. I simply had to laugh at the statement, ‘making Puerto Rico the 51st state’. That is absolutely false, Puerto Rico has refused and refuses to become a 51st state, and this would just create more problems for the country politically, where would we find a ’52nd state’ to balance things out?

There is demonization of socialism, democrats, Obama, healthcare, Muslims, undocumented immigrants, China, and the list goes on. Why do so many continue to search for enemies or a group to blame? We keep touching the flame even though it hurts and we still don’t seem to understand that blame doesn’t get us anywhere.

I think Michael makes a great argument at around 8:29. It simplifies the situation a little more, but it really lays it out. This type of question really puts people in a  difficult position or not being able to say ‘I support the big capitalists’ without sounding classist.

On the topic of racism, they make it seem as if it’s a joke and that it doesn’t exist. The laws and policies that the government puts in place have subtle racism in the way that the laws carry out. To give the full quote from Judge Sotomayor:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion as a judge than a white male, who has not lived that life.”

The quote was obviously misinterpreted by Wayne. He must have not read the part, ‘who has not lived that life’ or ‘richness of experiences’, and ‘that life’ refers to ‘the richness of experiences’. Many see it as racism, but she is just addressing the fact that maybe some of the judges haven’t experienced some of the things that she has, like not being male, not being white, and not having other privileges. Being oppressed as a woman, as a woman of color, etc has allowed her to form opinions that would give insight to things that ‘white males’ just not might see.

The idea of ‘liberals’ wanting to give wealth to ‘black people’, ‘hispanic people’, and ‘poor people’ is racism, doesn’t make too much sense unless you mean there are no white people who are poor and struggling. It’s always interesting how it’s always Brown vs Black vs White, there are other ‘colors’. Isn’t that racism for not acknowledging there are other people of different ethnicities?

Warren Buffett fails to disappoint me:

“There is a class war.

The rich are making war on the un-rich – America

The rich are winning.”


Yeah.. people are making money by making all these cures and treatments but no one is able to afford them… this system works great, doesn’t it? The mining company out in Pennsylvania made technology that eventually saved the Chilean miners only for the money. Shouldn’t you work because you like to do the job and because you want to make advancements?

Now the ethics of our society is under questioning. Isn’t helping your community and society enough? You wouldn’t have to worry about profit if you lived in a socialist nation. I think giving a gift to humanity is better than monetary value. This is basically how charities and NGOs work, they want to help people and are not in it for profit. Also only wanting profit is very detrimental, selfish, and materialistic. Something that really bothers me is the idea that the only thing moving people to do good is to get a reward or some benefit at the end.

If this society didn’t work on the principle of (good thing –> material reward), people wouldn’t do anything. Why return the bag of money I found if I’m not going to get anything out of it? One of the saddening conclusions I have come to is, people now go after jobs that make money and not because they like the job. Of course one of the reasons is for sustainability, but in the past people had a variety of ideas for future occupations. (Sorry I don’t remember the source) In the mid 1900s, they asked a group of elementary school students what they want to become and they chose different occupations like truck driver, teacher, lawyer, mail-person, and etc, surprisingly (or not) recently, elementary school children were asked the same question and the most common response was “I want to be rich”.

Is money destroying ethics? Is the (good thing –> rewards) method a good thing? Tell me what you think.