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A cowl I’m making for myself ūüėÄ

I’m using the (discontinued) Moda Dea’s Tweedle Dee; Blue Heather.

The pattern I’m using can be found here. For those who crochet use a size L hook. First, make a chain of about 8″ or what ever height you want it to be, then single crochet or half-double crochet ¬†into the back loops, and at the end join ends together. (I wish I knew a little bit more about crocheting, so that I could really be useful).

It’s super easy! It’ll work up pretty quickly since it requires bulky weight yarn.


I’m halfway done! I should be done by today or early tomorrow.

This is my current project. My sister wanted a cowl. This is what it looks like so far:

I’m using Filatura Lanarota: Alpaca Cloud. It’s halfway done now. I’ll show what the result is at the end!

The patter found here 

I wanted to talk about this yarn since I made two hats with it. Basics: It’s Lion Brand’s Homespun Yarn, Corinthian (color), Size 5 Yarn Category/Bulky, 6oz, 185yd, 98% acrylic 2% polyester, Gauge (Knit): US10, 14sts x 2or = 4″ square, and Gauge (Crochet): Size K, 10sc x 10r = 4″ square.

When my friend first gave me this yarn, all I could think is, “This is SUCH an ugly color, what the heck am I gonna do with this?” I personally don’t like the color combinations. It looks like a mess of colors that shouldn’t be together. When you knit or crochet something, it looks alright, but definitely wouldn’t make things to wear with this yarn.

When I started using the yarn to start a project, I noticed that they yarn frayed SO easily. One thing that I really didn’t like about this yarn is that, the yarn is roving yarn held¬†together¬†by a black thread and that’s it. It made going through stitches very difficult. It is very sensitive. It ripped or unraveled on my twice during a project. The yarn however is very soft and warm. It’s bulky weight, but the string is pretty thin. The yarn works up very nicely making the hat projects a 2-3 hour affair.

Overall, I¬†personally¬†wouldn’t recommend the yarn, but I guess it will come down to personal taste.

I haven’t posted in, well, a long time. I apologize. Life gets pretty busy when you become a senior in high school and have to worry about this thing called life and college.¬†

During the summer of boredom and doing nothing, I decided to teach myself to knit. I went online on YouTube and used Google to figure out how to knit. It was actually quite nice. The information was very accessible.

I found an online knitting/crocheting community online. It’s called Ravelry. They are AMAZING. It’s like where all the knitters and crocheters get their information. On there you can find patters, forum posts, other¬†people, and a way to organize all of your knitting/crocheting projects.¬†My first projects were booties. They came out like this:

Unfortunately, I did it completely wrong… The side of the¬†booties¬†was actually supposed to be the other way around… So I decided to make two other booties because they should at least match. Took about 3-5 days to do this. The pattern for this can be found here. I made them for my newborn niece by the way.

The second project I decided to make is a cat hat since I am slightly obsessed with cats.  If you want the pattern for it go here.

My third project which was a HUGE job from the booties and hat which are quite smalls projects. I made a blanket… using worsted yarn. The blanket was knit. It made essentially four scarves that are later crocheted together and then a border is crocheted. After 55 lovely hours of knitting and crocheting, this is the result:

If you want the pattern for it go here. My blanket was about 22inches x 33inches.

I had a bit of yarn and made this :). Pattern here.

Finally, the last project was two hats that I crocheted. My friend got me really weird yarn (Homespun; Corinthian) and I didn’t know what to do with it. One friend wanted a hat from it and after my mom saw it, she wanted one too. Pattern found here. And I made a granny square.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep y’all updated on my knitting/crocheting adventures.