Please make sure your post doesn’t:

1.Insult me, other users, races, religions, sexualities, job occupations, etc.

2.Have an excessive amount of profanity

Words that should NEVER be used in my comments section is: Dyke, Fag(or any form of it), Nigger, Wetback, Kike, Beaner, Cracker, Whitey, Chink Eyes, Cunt, Bitch, Redneck, tits(or any sexual word if it’s not talked about in an intelligent way), Retard, Midget, Motherfucker, Son of a Bitch (use SOB instead), Bible Thumper, or any word that would fit under these categories.

3.Have hate speech in any form

4.Have irrelevant/unrelated links, pictures, or any form of media in it

5.Have insane amounts of grammatical errors. For a good conversation we, the other users, and you want to be able to understand eachother clearly

6.Have promotion for your blog, website, Youtube channel, Twitter, etc.

If your comment does violate these rules I will be forced to edit your posts or ban you from the website.

Have fun, share, explore, think, and simply enjoy.