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Amazing Dance Photography!


I love this shot! Super mom!


Experience at the UN

Yesterday, at the Youth Assembly at the UN, I saw that there were alot of students from China. I got enough courage to talk to some of them (by the way, I speak a decent amount of Mandarin Chinese). As always, they were very kind. -Fast forward- Today as I was leaving, the student that I talked to ran up to me and told me to wait. He told me I was the first person to go speak to him and that he was very glad that I did so. (As the Chinese do) He gave me a gift. He said the notebook helped him remember math formulas and study English for school and that he hopes I find the notebook helpful as well. He noted that it was his favorite favorite notebook. At the end he added that if I were to visit China again, his doors are open for me.

After coming back from China I realized that there is heightened fear of the Chinese. After personally being in China, it seems like the most hilarious phobia I’ve ever seen! Hating the Chinese, how could you!? They are the most hospitable and kind people I have ever met. Is it scary to think that the Chinese may have more manners than us, as ‘United Statians’? Maybe I’m too oblivious to see why people are so terrified. I think it may be the ghost of the Cold War.

I think many Americans have irrational fears of the Chinese because of the media. Their rhetoric demonizes Chinese. Why the **** can’t we just accept that we screwed up? If we just accept it was our fault for getting into the hole in the first place, we could get to the root of the issue and solve things. Let’s stop pointing fingers, because it’s a waste of time, let’s just solve the damn issue and move on with our lives.

From this video, it seems as if ‘average’ Americans don’t even know enough about China to justify their fear:


I can’t believe people don’t know anything about China. Talk about ignorant.

While I was signing a couple of petitions which I do quite regularly, I saw this:

Really? There is no such thing as ‘job stealing’. Either you take the opportunity, or you don’t. It’s not like there’s a job quota of “300 jobs for clean energy jobs”. Just get it done, instead of whining that someone else might beat ya’ to it.

We have a lot to learn. We obviously have not learned our lesson, and that’s why we continue to fall behind. When kids drop milk on the floor, and they begin to blame each other, what gets done? Nothing. What happens if they all work together to clean the mess up? Problem solved and everyone can go back to what they were doing. Think people, please, just think!


Using offensive words (racist, homophobic, etc) to mean something endearing is like someone throwing shit at you and you rubbing it all over yourself.

This is what I feel about words used in that manner, and this quote came to me when I was thinking about what to write for my English class. I’m writing about the Boondocks. Because of the recent controversy with Huck Finn I wanted to start with that.

Uma du mus canções favoritas!!!

GPOW – Boomerang


They are amazing young woman! I hope you enjoy the song.

Support the DREAM Act!

Support the DREAM Act!
This is a letter from a parent of a student who lives in Texas (Btw KIPP is a network of schools that helps underpriviliged children get ahead in life through education. I have graduated from one of these schools):
Our stance on immigration reform has been to focus on one aspect inside this complex issue:  for children who did not make any choice to come to this country because they were carried here by their parents, and who have done all the right things we have asked of them (stay in school, behave well, go to college, etc), we feel they have EARNED the right to now be a productive member of society, contributing both their brain power and college-educated economic resources to help us make Houston a greater community.  The DREAM Act accomplishes this belief by granting  a legalized residency pathway to kids who go to and through college as well as kids who serve our country in the military.  There are other aspects of immigration reform which need to be tackled that are much more difficult and complex to find a solution, but this part, which has been carved out as its own independent bill, in the way I view the worldJ, is a no-brainer.  There are MANY KIPPsters who are currently in college who do not have post-graduation employment options with the present situation.  Many more struggle to stay in college given they cannot receive any federal college loans.

The U.S. House just passed the DREAM Act!   The final vote was 216 to 198, with 8 Republicans voting in favor. However,  the work is not yet over.  We face an uphill climb in the Senate today, where the DREAM Act needs to garner 60 votes.  Yesterday many helped by making over 40,000 calls in favor of the DREAM Act.  As is evident by the close vote in the House, the calls made a difference!

You can help! Here’s what you can do now…

We need to continue working to help get the DREAM Act secure the votes it needs in the Senate.  Call 1-866-587-3023, and ask your Senators to support the DREAM Act.  After you’ve called the D.C. office, call all your Senators’ local offices.

The DREAM Act would provide a qualified path to citizenship for thousands of immigrant youth and young adults seeking to obtain a college degree or to serve in the U.S. Military, and who otherwise meet the conditions of the law. We’ve come a long way since the DREAM Act was first introduced in 2001.  Today’s version of the DREAM Act is a far cry from what was first offered in 2001 by Senators Richard Durbin and Richard Lugar. The bill is the result of difficult concessions that were made over the last week to build support in the Senate and the House. The DREAM Act is now supported by 70 percent of Americans, the President, the Department of Defense, numerous university presidents, the business community and religious leaders.  Yesterday, it got a stamp of approval from the U.S. House.

We need your help in the Senate!

Post some form of this as your Facebook status or on Twitter or anywhere really to spread the word!

“You Forgot Blueberries”

One of my good friends showed me this video. I apologize for laughing extremely loud into the phone. Oops. This made my month. This month was a little bland. It’s freezing outside and I havn’t seen the sun in a while.

What do you think about this video? First of all, I think people need to really listen to what she said. She said that he wasn’t paying bills and that he obviously isn’t looking for a job either. The thing that kinda-of tipped it for me was when he was on the couch and said “Give me something to drink”. Like really? You couldn’t get it yourself? Was it so hard to wait for the match to be over to get something to drink? I tend to be vehemently against domestic violence but I would have done the same thing. He’s a lowlife! I think he deserved it (though I would like to know who bought the PS3 in the first place). She should leave him ASAP. He’s not going to sit on his @$$ all day while she’s at work paying for the bills, which probably include the internet connection for the PS3.

The thing is… they are both in the wrong, she didn’t have to do go that far, and he should be doing something productive instead of sitting on his @$$ all day doing nothing. She could have just kicked him out, with all his stuff. She could have packed his bags, he would be too distracted to notice.

The song has an amazing message, I was introduced to it at a TEDxYouth conference.