After coming back from China I realized that there is heightened fear of the Chinese. After personally being in China, it seems like the most hilarious phobia I’ve ever seen! Hating the Chinese, how could you!? They are the most hospitable and kind people I have ever met. Is it scary to think that the Chinese may have more manners than us, as ‘United Statians’? Maybe I’m too oblivious to see why people are so terrified. I think it may be the ghost of the Cold War.

I think many Americans have irrational fears of the Chinese because of the media. Their rhetoric demonizes Chinese. Why the **** can’t we just accept that we screwed up? If we just accept it was our fault for getting into the hole in the first place, we could get to the root of the issue and solve things. Let’s stop pointing fingers, because it’s a waste of time, let’s just solve the damn issue and move on with our lives.

From this video, it seems as if ‘average’ Americans don’t even know enough about China to justify their fear:


I can’t believe people don’t know anything about China. Talk about ignorant.

While I was signing a couple of petitions which I do quite regularly, I saw this:

Really? There is no such thing as ‘job stealing’. Either you take the opportunity, or you don’t. It’s not like there’s a job quota of “300 jobs for clean energy jobs”. Just get it done, instead of whining that someone else might beat ya’ to it.

We have a lot to learn. We obviously have not learned our lesson, and that’s why we continue to fall behind. When kids drop milk on the floor, and they begin to blame each other, what gets done? Nothing. What happens if they all work together to clean the mess up? Problem solved and everyone can go back to what they were doing. Think people, please, just think!