What do you think about this video? First of all, I think people need to really listen to what she said. She said that he wasn’t paying bills and that he obviously isn’t looking for a job either. The thing that kinda-of tipped it for me was when he was on the couch and said “Give me something to drink”. Like really? You couldn’t get it yourself? Was it so hard to wait for the match to be over to get something to drink? I tend to be vehemently against domestic violence but I would have done the same thing. He’s a lowlife! I think he deserved it (though I would like to know who bought the PS3 in the first place). She should leave him ASAP. He’s not going to sit on his @$$ all day while she’s at work paying for the bills, which probably include the internet connection for the PS3.

The thing is… they are both in the wrong, she didn’t have to do go that far, and he should be doing something productive instead of sitting on his @$$ all day doing nothing. She could have just kicked him out, with all his stuff. She could have packed his bags, he would be too distracted to notice.