The Amazons were known either as brave, courageous, intelligent, and powerful or as disorderly, barbaric, and savage.

Amazon Warrior

Their origins are founded in Greek mythology. The Amazons are said to be in Pontus. It was a matriarchal run society. It was a society governed by women, protected by women, and all about women. Men were not allowed in their society. Because they were so powerful and they won many wars, they were a force to be reckoned with. The society was governed by a queen or a pair of queens. Since there are no men, they can’t reproduce with each other. The Amazons went through a Spring mating ritual to keep the population going. The women who were allowed to breed were the women who killed someone in combat. The women would go to neighboring tribes and stay with the men for one month until they were pregnant. An outstanding process would occur when the child is born. If the child is female, they take the child back to the Amazons, but if the child is a boy, they either mutilated them and made them slaves, killed them, or sent them to their fathers. I found that the Amazons were the ‘swingers’ of the ancient world. It is said that they did not sleep with the same man every Spring! The idea of marriage did not exist in their society(2).

The Greek created the story of the Amazon warriors to show how society would be if men stopped running society. It was supposed to scare women and encourage men to take their respective gender roles. Amazons were everything that Greek men were to idolize, violent, aggressive, strong, and fearless. In many cases, the Amazon women were a reflection of Greek men; they were not monogamous and a huge part of their lives was war. In the same way, the men in the stories were reflections of the women, used for keeping a society alive and reproducing. I feel as if the Greek men wanted to do an exposé of their behavior. It also seems as if the Greek men toook the step in creating ‘radical’ art.

As expected, a type of feminism came from the story of the Amazons. The women were independent and mighty. Amazon feminism “emphasizes female physical prowess to meet the goal of gender equality. Adherents are dedicated to the image of the female hero in fiction and in fact, as expressed in the physiques and feats of female athletes, martial artists and other powerfully built women in society, art and literature.”


Xena the Warrior Princess

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

The idea of the Amazon woman has appeared in our pop. culture as Wonder Woman or Xena the Warrior Princess. The Amazons have become a symbol for lesbians. It represented strength and womanhood. The Amazons also became a symbol for lesbians because they lived without men.