The title in Chinese means “Put down the cellphone, Recover the most authentic sensation”. This is roughly what it means from my knowledge in Chinese

The person who uploaded this video said:

這是一則泰國的電視廣告,影片中的人們總是低頭看著手機,由於眼中只有手機螢幕,身邊­的人似乎都變得隱形了。直到驚覺自己好像失去了什麼,放下手機才發現,孩子的笑容是多­  麼動人,沙灘上的情人是如此的美麗,車窗外的天空,原來掛著一道七色彩虹。



This is a commercial from Thailand, during the video the people are always using/on their cellphones, because they are only looking at one thing the people around them become invisible. They are shocked when they open their eyes to see a kid’s joyful smile, a person’s lover on the beautiful beach, the view/sky from the window, which had a rainbow.

Having seen this video, we would feel deeply ashamed of ourselves because we lose ourselves in our phones and internet and neglect the things around us, it’s not the phone’s fault, but we should know when to put it down to really ‘Recover the most authentic sensation’.

I love the message of this video. In the age where everyone is ‘wired in’ there isn’t much time for real relationships and to see the world around you.

FYI the language you see at the end of the video is Thai.

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