As I was going back home from school I picked up a  Metro newspaper. I’m annoyed again by the fact that the news (AGAIN) is on the front cover (I’ll talk about this issue in a latter post). I flipped through the pages and I noticed that they had a “myhalloween guide”. (This sadly replaced the myeducation section). I was disgusted by the celebrities they chose to personify as Halloween costumes. They chose: Snooki, Lady Gaga, Edward Cullen, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Joan Holloway.

Each celebrity had a ‘What you’ll need’, ‘bonus points’, ‘your catchphrase’, and ‘make it a group’ sections.



  1. Too-dark foundation, a sizable pouf, and some classy Joyce Leslie threads.
  2. A Jar of Pickles
  3. “I’m looking for a juicehead”
  4. With a little hair gel (OK, a lot of hair gel) and some Ed Hardy T-shirts










Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga

  1. Sky-high shoes, a sparkling lingerie set and any Ikea lightning fixture you can reasonably attach to your head
  2. A teacup
  3. Something inappropriate about your fun-size Kit-Kat
  4. With a decapitate-Muppet Gaga and a meat-dress Gaga







Edward Cullen:

Edward Cullen

  1. Super light foundation, a fantastic blow-dryer and a quick Blue Steel look at the ready
  2. Gold contacts
  3. “Let’s snuggle and talk about your feelings.”
  4. With a sad girl in a hoodie









Katy Perry:

Katy Perry

  1. Perky cupcakes, a bra and some strong adhesive
  2. Tickle-Me-Elmo
  3. “I still kissed a girl, remember?”
  4. With a  shabby, crazy-eyes, lanky date.










Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber

  1. A flat-iron and a baseball cap
  2. A cheesy peace sign pose
  3. “But mom…”
  4. With a pack of screaming girls










Joan Holloway:

Joan Holloway

  1. The absolute tightest tweed pencil skirt H&M has to offer
  2. A pen necklace
  3. “SterlingCooperDraperPryce.? Coo it. Even more.
  4. With an obediant, smitten man sporting a lipstick-stained collar












The trend that I notice is the fact that the catchphrases from the women are sexualized and ‘dumb’.

Let’s get ‘real’, Snooki is in NO position to be a role model, to laugh at yes, role model no. “I [want] a juicehead” is NOT a message we want to send to women. They are already taught by media that they should be shallow and worry about fashion, make-up, looks, good-looking people, etc. Also, her entire section is about looks and appearance.

As catchy as Lady Gaga’s songs are she does go WAY too far sometimes. (I still am trying to comprehend how the meat dress has ANYTHING to do with DADT). I just wish she was less sexual, I feel like she sells sex basically.

Edward. Twilight. Enough said. Why?

Katy Perry is also the same, she was supposedly raised religious. She still plays a role in sexualization of girls and making it seem fun at the same time. The 3rd point next to her picture brings me to the topic of LTGs(Lesbians Till Graduation). Because “[She] kissed a girl” and she liked it, it has become more socially acceptable for two girls to kiss and it’s absolutely hot.

I dislike Justin Bieber :). He’s one of the new stars coming out lacking talent. (Besides him, his fans drive me NUTS). I can’t believe that someone like him was shot into fame and other celebrities who are (in my opinion) much better: Ingrid Michaelson, Angel Taylor, etc. They actually write their own songs and play actual instruments and can actually sing… just something to think about.

Since I don’t watch television, I had no idea who Joan Holloway is. Apparently she’s from a show called Mad Men. From the google images that popped up from her she looks like a very provocative character in that show (of course I would have to watch the show to confirm that). The 4th point gives me the sense that she and one of her coworkers may be in an extra-marital affair/cheating.

What do you have to say about this ‘article’ and the celebrities?