As hate and ridiculous statements begin to emerge, we begin to see a trend. Xenophobia.

According the the Chancellor of Germany, Merkel, multiculturalism has failed in her eyes and a couple of other Germans. A central bank board member said that the Muslim population is “uneducated and unproductive”. Sounds similar to the way people say Méxican immigrants are unproductive, lazy, and ‘smooch’ off the social services. (When in fact they are the ones that contribute the most to this country).

“We feel tied to Christian values. Those who don’t accept them don’t have a place here”

Doesn’t that sound familiar as well? The huge increase in Islamophobia in America is terrifying to say the least. Seriously, how is it possible that so many people are concerned with President Obama’s religious views/affiliations, when we don’t question the sanity of people like Sharron Angle. Being president is a job and religious views don’t display how well you can do a job.

“…abandoning practices such as forced marriages”

Last time I checked, Muslim leaders condemned people from doing forced marriages because it doesn’t follow the rules of the Qu’ran.

The Turkish President told the newspaper Suedeutsche Zeitung:

“That is why I tell them at every opportunity that they should learn German, and speak it fluently and without an accent. That should start at nurseries.”

To begin with, the comment for me has a couple of problems. Why are you basically telling the Turkish community to forget that they are Turkish by fully immersing into the German society. Being (somewhat of) a linguist/polyglot, I know for a fact that speaking like a native is near impossible, especially for the older generation where their mouths are wired to move a certain way. And I would like to challenge what does it mean to not have an accent? I’ve been a New York for all of my life (except at birth) and I would think that I don’t have an accent. When I meet someone from another state, they tell me that I have an accent. So who decides what isn’t an accent and what is standard?

Merkel at some point says that there needs to be more Muslim clerics trained in Germany. Contradictory much?

What annoys me most about this issue is that people from the Middle East keep being seen as ‘other’ since their culture is different from the western world. She says that they [Turks and Arabs] are “more difficult” to integrate. If this doesn’t scream hatred and ignorance, what the heck will?! Why does every political platform now nowadays involves demonizing some group, most likely someone who is of a minority in the country. The central bank even dared to say that the Muslims are ‘dumbing’ down the country.

As the economy trips and fumbles to continue walking steadlily, people find it easier to criminalize others since ‘they’ are ‘stealing’ jobs.

I would just like to share some information that Merkel probably has overlooked.

  • Only 4% of Germany is Muslim
  • A third of the country is Agnostic/Atheist
  • As far as we know, Germans are 91% of the population of Germany
  • There are only 2.5 million Turks in Germany. (The population of Germany is 81.8 million) Let me put it into perspective, it’s 3% of the total population.

Talking about the size of the Turkish community, Germany, as well as some other countries, believe that the Muslims are out to take over the world. Right, because such a small community could POSSIBLY do that, great thinking.

This is a REALLY bad move for Germany as a whole. People are pointing right back at their history books going, “Yup, that happened already, [turn the page], Oh my god, that sounds like Merkel!”


Besides the fact that some people like to create enemies out of minorities, what is worse is to read the comments on the Yahoo!News comment section which is definitely not meant for anyone who has any hope in humanity and society.

What do you think about the rise of irrationality?