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Crochet Ribbed Hat

This is SUPER easy to make. You just need to know: how to chain, single crochet, half double crochet into the back loop.

You need a Size J hook (or one that will fit gauge), bulky yarn, tapestry needle (recommended, but not needed).

It should take an hour to 3 hours.

Pattern found here.


A cowl I’m making for myself 😀

I’m using the (discontinued) Moda Dea’s Tweedle Dee; Blue Heather.

The pattern I’m using can be found here. For those who crochet use a size L hook. First, make a chain of about 8″ or what ever height you want it to be, then single crochet or half-double crochet  into the back loops, and at the end join ends together. (I wish I knew a little bit more about crocheting, so that I could really be useful).

It’s super easy! It’ll work up pretty quickly since it requires bulky weight yarn.


I’m halfway done! I should be done by today or early tomorrow.

This is my current project. My sister wanted a cowl. This is what it looks like so far:

I’m using Filatura Lanarota: Alpaca Cloud. It’s halfway done now. I’ll show what the result is at the end!

The patter found here 










I wanted to talk about this yarn since I made two hats with it. Basics: It’s Lion Brand’s Homespun Yarn, Corinthian (color), Size 5 Yarn Category/Bulky, 6oz, 185yd, 98% acrylic 2% polyester, Gauge (Knit): US10, 14sts x 2or = 4″ square, and Gauge (Crochet): Size K, 10sc x 10r = 4″ square.

When my friend first gave me this yarn, all I could think is, “This is SUCH an ugly color, what the heck am I gonna do with this?” I personally don’t like the color combinations. It looks like a mess of colors that shouldn’t be together. When you knit or crochet something, it looks alright, but definitely wouldn’t make things to wear with this yarn.

When I started using the yarn to start a project, I noticed that they yarn frayed SO easily. One thing that I really didn’t like about this yarn is that, the yarn is roving yarn held together by a black thread and that’s it. It made going through stitches very difficult. It is very sensitive. It ripped or unraveled on my twice during a project. The yarn however is very soft and warm. It’s bulky weight, but the string is pretty thin. The yarn works up very nicely making the hat projects a 2-3 hour affair.

Overall, I personally wouldn’t recommend the yarn, but I guess it will come down to personal taste.

I haven’t posted in, well, a long time. I apologize. Life gets pretty busy when you become a senior in high school and have to worry about this thing called life and college. 

During the summer of boredom and doing nothing, I decided to teach myself to knit. I went online on YouTube and used Google to figure out how to knit. It was actually quite nice. The information was very accessible.

I found an online knitting/crocheting community online. It’s called Ravelry. They are AMAZING. It’s like where all the knitters and crocheters get their information. On there you can find patters, forum posts, other people, and a way to organize all of your knitting/crocheting projects. My first projects were booties. They came out like this:

Unfortunately, I did it completely wrong… The side of the booties was actually supposed to be the other way around… So I decided to make two other booties because they should at least match. Took about 3-5 days to do this. The pattern for this can be found here. I made them for my newborn niece by the way.

The second project I decided to make is a cat hat since I am slightly obsessed with cats.  If you want the pattern for it go here.

My third project which was a HUGE job from the booties and hat which are quite smalls projects. I made a blanket… using worsted yarn. The blanket was knit. It made essentially four scarves that are later crocheted together and then a border is crocheted. After 55 lovely hours of knitting and crocheting, this is the result:

If you want the pattern for it go here. My blanket was about 22inches x 33inches.

I had a bit of yarn and made this :). Pattern here.

Finally, the last project was two hats that I crocheted. My friend got me really weird yarn (Homespun; Corinthian) and I didn’t know what to do with it. One friend wanted a hat from it and after my mom saw it, she wanted one too. Pattern found here. And I made a granny square.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep y’all updated on my knitting/crocheting adventures.

how does the term “politically correct” even make any sense?

what is political about not erasing and insulting a group of people or someone’s identify? (tw for various slurs)

“What do you mean you prefer to be called lesbian/queer/gay instead of dyke/fag? YOU’RE SO POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“What do you mean by ‘people with disabilities’? Why can’t I say ‘invalids’? YOU’RE SO POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!”

“What do you mean I have to say Asian/Asian-American instead of “chink”? GOSH PEOPLE ARE SO POLITICALLY CORRECT THESE DAYS!!!!!!!”

“What do you mean I should say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”? YOU’RE TAKING AWAY MY CIVIL RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I guess when you’re a privileged person who has never had to consider how the things you say oppress other people, and you don’t have any real interactions with said people, changing your ways is just a matter of politics rather than being a decent human being.



After reading this blog post, I just wanted to share some points that really hit home for me:

1. Alone, I appear threatening. If I’m in a group of others who look like me, that is a cause for some kind of suspicion or even panic.

5. When I go shopping, I can be sure I will arouse suspicion and be followed around.

6. I will be sure that when I turn on the TV, I will most likely see others who look like me as ball players, criminals, clowns or overall failures of society.

7. When I turn to the local news on tv or in a newspaper, I can be sure most of the crime reported will have faces of suspects who look like me.

9. I know that most of the history taught is of history of mainly white people.

13. I can be sure that whites will not listen to me when it comes to race and racism, and anytime I bring up the subject, it will likely meet with denial or opposition.

17. When children of my race are missing, I know the media will likely not pay too much, if any, attention to them.

18. I know during my lifetime, I will be taught that my race is inferior in some way, shape or form.

21. I know that the dropout rate for male children of my race is the highest among other races.

22. The way I look contributes to the way I should talk in order to be considered black. (Although I don’t care about this, people, even in my family, consider me ‘gringo’ and that I’m not Latino enough).

23. I know that making good grades and good manners are signs that I’m “acting white.”

27. I know that growing up, I will likely see poverty, drugs, violence and/or murder at least once.

30. I have a good chance of growing up in a single parent home.

31. I have at least one family member or relative who is either in prison or has been in prison, or I’ve known someone who is black that is or has been to prison.

35. I can be sure that I will be pulled over by police because of my race. (Which has happened. Because I have the privilege to go to different schools, our schedules are different and cops often think I’m cutting school.)

36. I can be sure that I will either be harassed, abused or even killed by police because of my race. (see comment above)

39. As a male I must marry within my race or be considered a sellout by my own people or someone going after “their” women by other races.

41. I know a new television series will have main characters that will not look like me.

42. I know that negative stereotypes about my people will continue despite a high number of those who do not fit those stereotypes. In other words I will be judged by the actions of a few.

44. I know that I will be a scapegoat for almost anything and everything wrong with this society. (just look at Arizona and the rhetoric there…)

45. I know that there will be movies featuring white people saving my people. (CURIOUS GEORGE! ‘White guy’ goes to Africa and saves ‘monkey’ from hir dysfunctional family…teaches the ‘monkey’ manners and how to behave. The ‘monkey’ goes back to Africa and disowns his family.)
49. I have to live with the fact that my true culture, language, history are stripped away, and the proof I have to live with is in my name. (My mom made a conscious decision about this. But I’m know by everyone else as Esteban. And my mom wants to change my last name legally to Sxxxxx-Cxxxxxxx after I graduate high school, it’s weird though a lot of my legal documents have both names).

51. As a female person of color the shade of my skin defines beauty. If my skin is dark or hair is nappy, then there’s a chance that I will be considered ugly by my peers. (I’m sometimes considered ugly because I have wavy/curly hair, which anyone with wavy/curly hair knows is hard to ‘manage’.)

53. As a child I can be sure that the newest cartoon series will not feature characters that look like me. If they do, they will likely be some form of negative stereotype.

59. I am assumed that any position I’m in is because of affirmative action and not on my own merits. (don’t even get me started…)

60. I have to live with the fact that I am not considered a “regular” person, or simply a person, that I am considered a black person. (Even though I’m mixed, because of the US’ ‘one drop rule’ I’m seen as black. And people like to play the ‘race-game’ instead of just asking…)

62. As a homosexual I am loathed by society more so than my white counterparts.

64. I know negative images about people who look like me are seen around the world.